Mom Controlled By Son's Magic Remote

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Maggie Green

American / USA
2,424 5.0
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Marschamp17 Jul 28 2017
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Loved the video. Maggie's ass shaking was very enjoyable.

Maggie Green Jul 28 2017

Thanks so much!

dsmooth - Top reviewer Jul 3 2017
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Maggie's ass is hypnotic as it shakes in those yoga pants

Maggie Green Jul 15 2017


was really sick and tired of my son not helping out with the bills...I mean, he's more than capable of getting a job but instead he chooses to hang out with the science club. There are worse things that he could be doing but I wish he'd invent something useful. He shows up and it looks like he made some sort of a device, a remote control of sorts. Before I know it, he presses a button and I started shaking and jiggling my tits! What?! In front of my son! Then he used the remote to make me fondle my boobs! Then I couldn't help it, I bent over and started to shake my ass and twerk!! I was so embarrassed but I couldn't stop! I wasn't sure what else he had in mind but I began to get an idea....... TABOO, MAGIC CONTROL, SPANDEX, TWERKING, BOOTY SHAKING, BOOB SHAKING, DANCING, MILF, BIG TITS, TRANSFORMATION