Cummies for sitter and squishy diaper

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YOU have woken in your cot in a very wet diaper and your sitter has come into the nursery to check on you. She feels your sposie is drenched after being in it all night. Rubbing her hands over the top makes that funny crinkly sound you like and she smiles. She hops into the cot with you and says she has a big treat planned since you have been such a good boy. She wants you to do big cummies for her. Continuing to rub over your diaper she feels you getting a big stiffy. Then she untapes your sposie and you can see just how wet it is. But she doesn't take it away. She wants you to wear the squishiest diaper for the rest of the day and has the best plan. She rubs your stiffy doodle up and down with her hand and leans in to give it a little kiss with her lips right on the tip. She has never done that before. Then she squirts on lots of bab lotion and continues stroking you up and down. Every now and then saying she really wants to see big cummies from you. It feels amazing and you get so close to coming and stay that way for the longest time until finally you blow a huge stream of cum. It almost hits her in her face. She is very happy with you as she rubs the cum mixed with lotion all over your doodle. Then she puts your totally squished wet diaper back on just as she said she would. You have to wear the diaper full off pee, lotion and cum until bath time that evening