Wet Wellies - Angel Lee

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Angel Lee knows you love watching her crush things with her rubber Wellies boots. Her jeans are tucked in and a corset emphasize her huge tits. Each time she lifts her leg to crush a lemon or orange, her butt becomes more perfect and rounded. It's so wet and juicy under her squeaky soles and she smiles at your admiration while showing no mercy to the fruit. <BR><BR> Her rubber boots grind on a plump tomato until it's a scattered mess on the floor. The toes put pressure on a crunchy carrot and she stomps until it's pulverized juice. A firm cantaloupe doesn't stand a chance as her soles flatten it to a mushy pile. Apples are thrown to the floor and are no match for her stomps. The heel squishes with all her weight and makes a delightful goo. Another is rolled like a ball before being deflated. <BR><BR> She loves playing in the destroyed produce and makes sure to get it extra smushed and mixed together. Time for someone to clean up this mess! <BR><BR> Per the customer's request, this was shot mostly full body with a few closeups of her ass. <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS-Food and object crush, crushing, wet and messy, rubber boots, corset, jeans in boots, blond, blonde, blondes, Wellington Boots, big tits, WAM