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Good Girl Blackmailed By Her Own Brother

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[This was a custom request] You're up really early one morning and are surprised to hear your sister in the living room awake too. You walk in and find her vaping, tipsy, and dressed like a slut. You're shocked because she's normally such a good little 'Daddy's Girl' - the angel of the family. She's glad that you're not Mum or Dad but is still nervous to be caught coming back home in the early hours of the morning after partying all night - especially dressed the way that she is. She begs you not to tell your parents - sister to brother. You're unsure. You mess with her a little - making her say out loud that she's a filthy little slut. You revel in the fact that you've caught her with such a dirty secret. You've been the black sheep of the family for so long and, usually, it's you getting in trouble. Plus, she looks so hot in her tight little dress - you've never seen her all dressed up like this before. You suddenly get a sick idea. You tell your sister that you won't tell Mum and Dad as long as she makes you cum. She's disgusted and refuses at first but soon realizes that you're not joking. She hesitantly pulls your cock out of your trousers and puts it into her mouth. She's visibly grossed out at the prospect of sucking her own brother's cock, but her disgust makes you even harder. You start to fuck her mouth, making her gag and her eyes water. She complains that you're being too rough with her but you're way past caring. She can tell that you're about to cum and outright refuses to swallow it - stating that that's just a step too far. She insists that you cum somewhere else - so you do. You pull out of her mouth and douse her pretty makeup-covered face with a massive creamy load of your cum. Covered in you, she asks again if you definitely promise not to tell on her now but you're so turned on that your cock stays hard. You want more. You tell her there's one more thing - you want to fuck her. Then you won't tell Mum and Dad what a whore she secretly is. She becomes distressed and refuses to have sex with you because it's so wrong, but your threats of ruining her perfect reputation become too much and she finally agrees. You slide into her pussy, telling her she's not allowed to clean your cum off her face. While it drips down her face, you plow into her pussy, using her like the little slut she is. She is clearly upset and tells you that you've made her more of a slut than she ever really was - she was only trying to have fun with her friends like any girl her age. She just wants this over with now so that she can finally go to bed after not coming home all night. She begs you not to cum in her but you ignore her pleas. You empty yet another huge load straight into your own sister's pussy and retract your cock, leaving it to leak out right on the living room floor. You're finally satisfied, seeing the little 'Princess' destroyed and covered in your load. Maybe there are benefits to keeping her little secret after all.

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superneedydude @superneedydudeMar 29
There should be a warning that this is STEPbrother and STEPsister. But nothing indicated that.