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Ginger Liqueur

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Mmmmikey Aug 13
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So nice to meet you ;3
I feel so warm and cozy yet my cock is solid as the rock of gibralter. Perfect

Blessed that someone so sensual & wise would even grace the industry with her presence.

demon2112 - Top reviewer Jan 28
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Cute, fun and totally hot!

helmer Jul 29 2017
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Goddess of the goddess so naturally, all are perfect your voice , your faces, your body you awesome pale skin ,

Willzforcebaby - Top reviewer Jul 16 2017
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I love videos like this. You show us a personal side to where true fans will only wanted to support u just because we want to grow on both parties. The 8 months showing no face to true exhibitionist shows your growth in success and passion. I can not say much more then that but to respect u fully.

Poddingtonpea - Top reviewer Jun 24 2017
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Well hello! Very, very nice to meet you as well, my goodness. Gorgeous redhead. Love it

sleepyjack - Top reviewer Jun 24 2017
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Charming and lovely, I can't wait to see more!

Heero_G - Top reviewer Jun 23 2017
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A funny, hot, sexy canadian redhead. What not to like? ;)

Hi there! ^_^ If we haven't met yet I'm Ginger! I'm a true exhibitionist and I love creating content for your viewing pleasure. I've been active on Twitter (go follow me if you haven't already @GingerLiqueur) and have recently decided to make my own foray into the adult industry. Take a moment to get to know me better and I promise that I'll have more content for you SOON! Your support is incredibly valuable to me - thank you for your purchases, the gifts, and for contributing to my fundraiser. I wouldn't be able to be here without you! And remember to favourite my content and leave reviews if you have time. These help boost my score! Thanks for dropping by! Chat again soon