Neighbor Foot Ignore


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
7:32 min - Jun 25 - .MP4 - 1.07 GB


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You’re my needy neighbor and you came over yet again to borrow my extra laptop and I let hangs out in my living room until you’re done using it; you already know you’re off limits to the rest of my house. You take a seat at the living room table while I am laying down writing down new ideas; meanwhile you have the perfect view of my feet and suddenly you can't help but stare at them dreamily, wishing with all of your being that you could reach out and touch my delectable feet. After I finish with my ideas I catch you looking I think nothing of it but you continue to stare so I continue ignoring you as I decide to end your agony with the perfect view of my feet and ass as I get up from the couch. I clearly catch you staring with your mouth wide open at this point and I take the opportunity to use this mindless state to my advantage and take your money and go shopping while you’re left wondering what just happened