Obsessed with my Feet Part 2


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
5:21 min - Jun 25 - .MP4 - 721.90 MB


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You’re still in the same assumed position as you were told from the first clips and you are still eagerly awaiting my command that will allow you to worship the feet you’re so obsessed with. While you are still eagerly await my orders I continue to find pleasure in testing you and teasing you into fucking up, so that I can punish you. I take it one step further by making them all oily and pouring baby oil all over them right in front of your face as I wiggle my toes and play with my feet. I put you through an agonizing 5 minutes before I even give you the command to worship my feet, that’s if I ever do; guess you’re just going to have to buy the clip and see won’t you