Obsessed with Ebony Ass


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
11:00 min - Jun 25 - .MP4 - 1.74 GB


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My ass is your everything, you’ve never felt the way about an ass like the way you feel about mine; there’s just something about it that has it engraved in your brain. It’s so delectable and plump, round and juicy and it’s been messing you many a night hasn’t it? Staying on your mind like your favorite song, repeating over and over and it just won’t stop will it? I know and it’s because you were meant to serve this ass, it’s your aphrodisiac and it’s the only ass that can have this effect on you because it’s flooded your mind and your thoughts. Causing you to think of nothing else all day but this honey brown ass and how you just want to reach out and touch it. All day at work, my sweet, sweet ass is tormenting you, at home it’s haunting you and all you can think about is this ass and sending me all of your money. You need this ass in your life. As hard as you’ve tried to fight it, there’s just no escaping the obsession, this ass owns you, mind, cock, and wallet