JOI Cum [With Me] Countdown / Full Bush

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2,564 5.0
7:46 min - Jun 24 - .MOV - 834.53 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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tigerspider Dec 15 2017

This scorcher is the hottest and most perfectly executed turn on ever. Still astonished.

Templar22 Jul 27 2017

Bailee is a beautiful woman. I hope she add many JOI clips especially to her beautiful face.

Swedon Sep 18 2017
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Words cannot explain how amazing this video is! Absolutely stunning! A must watch!!!!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Jul 31 2017
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Excellent JOI from Bailee! So beautiful with a full bush and her dirty talk in this one is so intimate!

tigerspider - Top reviewer Jun 25 2017
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Successive viewings of this electrifying video have only increased my feelings that this is the most explosively arousing erotica I own. I already knew that Bailee was more attractive to me than anyone, ever. But this is eight minutes of her at her most unbridled. And nothing is more intensely exciting.

dandunavan deleted Jul 29 2017
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Her description pretty much says it all, if you're into this sort of thing this is one of the best out there. Bailee seems genuinely excited and her dirty talk is raw and sexy without being typical over-the-top porno histrionics. I don't even like hairy wild country bush, but she's so much fun to watch that it never fazed me. You won't be disappointed

Rainboss Jul 6 2017
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This is just beyond perfect.. Probably the best vid I have ever seen!!
Highly recommend and thank you for the fabulous work Bailee!

Farfallah - Top reviewer Jun 24 2017
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Absolutely amazing! I can't believe that each video is just as hot if not hotter than the last.

AlexS79 - Top reviewer Sep 15
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What a great joi. This vid is outstanding and a must have. Bailee looks so pretty and sexy. Her body is perfect. I had a lot of fun with this vid... ;)

emohadoy Jan 24 2018
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Exactly as advertised... well, maybe even better actually. Very compelling JOI (love the whispers), especially considering it's the first time!

My first JOI style video! I'm a little timid, but I happen to be in an especially insatiable mood, wanting to dirty talk and have you cum at the same time as me. I tease through my bodysuit and show you my bush, then begin fingering myself while describing what I want you to imagine and how I want you to touch yourself. When I feel we're both close, I count us down from ten and cum hard, hoping you're doing the same for me