Double Fucked

188 5.0

Fiona Farrow

American / Midwest
188 5.0
11:14 min - Jul 17 - .MP4 - 782.69 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jul 28 2017
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Fiona's female pleasure is always a joy to watch! Her pleasure certainly increases when she switches from hole filling to using her vibrator and fingers which always get the job done! Love watching Fiona stimulate her clitoris...she just does it soooo well!!!

First, I strip out of my tank top, showing you my nice, round tits. Then, off come the panties. I fuck my pussy with a realistic dildo, still wearing my striped knee-high socks. Then I get a glass dildo, getting it nice and wet with my pussy first, then sticking it in my tight little ass. It feels so good to have both my holes fucked at once. Finally, I get my little purple vibrator to rub on my clit until I cum with both my holes still filled