Peek A Boo Cotton Candy Toes


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
5:09 min - Jun 25 - .MP4 - 826.77 MB


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I felt like playing a uniquely fresh game with my foot pervs. I got the idea from the regular childhood game peek-a-boo but found my niche and tailored it to my foot pervs who love my feet. I know how excited you get when you see them and how your world comes crashing down when your deprived of them for even a second. So we are going to play peek-a-boo with my cotton candy pink toes I allowed you pervs to choose during my last poll on Twitter to really blow your mind. Lol you should be more careful about the information you disclose to me twerps. NOT, LOL because your purpose is to make my life better, you’re designed to give me whatever I want. So have fun with me while you have my attention and keep the secrets coming so I can continue to mind fuck you into debt