Jessica Starling
Fetish Friday

Punching, Kicking, and Flexing

100 5.0
100 5.0
6:30 min - Jun 24 - .MOV - 106.34 MB - 720x480


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leshaveee Dec 11 2017

i want to fight with you muscle beast

VirtFAW Aug 15
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This arousing exhibition of Nicole's fighting skills can actually double as a workout video. Yeah, I tried to mirror her routine. And it was a real challenge! She is quite adept at her skill. As a fantasy (real life) girl, Nicole is a whole package. In her early vids, she is very sleek, svelte, and slender. She probably weighed less than 100 pounds. Now imagine you, as her boyfriend got beat up in front of her. She vows to defend you from future attacks. You kind of doubt that. But she really steps up; and with the help of AAS, gains about 45 pounds of pure, ripped muscle. Then, she undertakes a practice of MMA. This video is the result of about two years of intense, obsessive bulking, loading, and training. Yeah, she's the whole deal. Love her.

Get a glimpse of my cardio warm up throwing jabs, punches, knees, elbows, and kicks right in your face and showing off all my hard earned muscles along with it