Big Bad Schoolgirl

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STUDENT, COTTON CANDI....WITH THE BIGGEST TITS IN AMERICA...IS SUSPENDED FOR SMOKING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. SHE FIXES THE PROBLEM BY MAKING THE PRINCIPAL TO SQUIRT A HUGE EJACULATION!!! Trouble Maker Student, Cotton Candi has been sent to the Principal's Office for smoking on School property. Mr. Carter tells Cotton that smoking is strictly prohibited on School grounds....and that She is suspended for a week...effective immediately. Cotton Candi explains to the Principal, that Girls with HUGE MASSIVE GIANT TITS....the BIGGEST TITS IN ALL OF AMERICA.......don't get suspended!! Cotton Candi proceeds to take out Her World Famous Mammories...and "negotiate" with Principal Carter. The Principal can't believe his eyes when he sees the "full splendor" that is Cotton Candi!! Cotton puts a Huge Tit on either side of the Principal's face...and Jerks him Off. By the time Cotton Candi pulls an enormous Cumblast out of the Principal....not only is the suspension cancelled.....ALL Her Grades are being switched to A