Your Favorite Obsession by Kerri King

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Kerri King

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87 5.0
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BJallday Jan 20 2018
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I am so obsessed with the one and only Queen, Kerri King! And getting more obsessed every minute, every clip!

I'm everything to you. Your queen, your instructor, your obsession. From my toes to my beautiful face, you always find yourself comparing others to me. I don't blame you, look at me! On the floor, you gaze up at me, mesmerized. You've never seen such a flawless sight, no matter how many times you've ogled me. Being the cliche fanboy, you know you're a speck in a sea of millions, but still want to serve. I instruct you to buy a handful of clips, worship, and repeat. Enjoy the visuals, i'm feeling mighty generous