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HD The Beauty of an Oiled Girl

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Panamanian / Bella's World
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a749935842 Nov 18 2017


sparklebomb deleted Aug 19 2017


JayCoolrelaxin Jul 2 2017

Buy buy buy. I recommend to all of you. If you like whats in the tags, You will love. Trust. She's looks amaaaaazing. The vid is even unique to others because the way she shot it, it captures every curve. Telling you, a Must have. 💯

H2O3PO Jun 25 2017

are you pervect 100% smooth all shaved in that vid?

rockhard4u - Top reviewer Jul 2 2017
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+10 Minutes of full pleasure. Stunning sexy body covered in oil.. and JOI. Perfect.
Still in love with your eyes, so lusty and sexy.

CrazyBella Jul 2 2017

^.^^.^ thanks u so much rockhard4u!! i still dont know why u like so much my eyes! hehhe:x:x:x

:@ super agree with u

:):Athanks u so much JungleMan, hear that mean a lot for me:A

SeymoreHiney - Top reviewer Nov 25 2017
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this girl can't be human, she is perfect! her body, her voice, everything is incredible! she oils up her whole body, fondles her perky boobies as the oil drips down her tummy to her yummy cookie or as she calls it, her Ti Ti, which is so freakin cute! she turns around and straddles the chair sticking out her perfectly round tushy giving herself a shiny hiney, squeezing her hot buns with her hands! I think I'm in love!

CrazyBella Dec 1 2017

hehehe thanks u so much SeymoreHiney!! :A:) hehehe im human totally a crazy one but yes am i:P

Val 2117 Nov 21 2017
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I am still amazed that all these vids are shot by yourself. The quality and angles rivals big money production companies. The oil content is so realistic with the quality you feel you're in the room. So beautiful and hot. A must for any oil lovers.

CrazyBella Nov 22 2017

:A wow!!!! thanks!! yes i made it all my vids alone and pfff its pretty hard to do, to be honest, but when u want to have a great time that make all look better at the end! also help all the editing tutorial i saw in youtube eheheh:P

CrazyBella Nov 15 2017

^.^thanks u so so much, now they are like this:A hehe:x

billwaib Oct 3 2017
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As with all of Bella's video's, she is super hot.

CrazyBella Oct 11 2017

:):):) thanks u so much:@

AlexDrag Sep 23 2017
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Super Oiled Beauty...She´s Great!

CrazyBella Sep 23 2017

^.^^.^^.^thanks u so much Alex...u make me blush:x

pete_g Sep 9 2017
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Absolutely gorgeous! She has an extremely hot body and knows how to show it. Esprecially like the high heels and the ear rings as they estimate the nudity even more.

CrazyBella Sep 9 2017

:@:@yayy u notice Pete!! yes my heels and my ear rings leave u see how much naked am i in a hot way!! thanks u so much for your review!!!

CrazyBella Aug 29 2017

thanks u so much for your review batman! :x<3

hexgar - Top reviewer Jul 23 2017
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yet again an amzing vid bella a must have if your a fan of bella

CrazyBella Jul 16 2017


JayCoolrelaxin - Top reviewer Jul 2 2017
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The beauty of an oiled girl, with the perfect body. I'm not exaggerating either. She is tall, statuesque and fit, and has this great way of moving. You will love it, if you are into this type of video.

CrazyBella Jul 3 2017

:)^.^ thanks u so much for so amazing review Jay!! :x<3

John9310100 Jul 1 2017
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Very lovely like always VIDEOS keep getting better every time

CrazyBella Jul 16 2017

awww thanks u so so much for this amazing review john!:A:x

Copaloco707 - Top reviewer Jun 29 2017
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Wow your body looks super sexy covered totally with oil! CrazyBella!!!!! I love your video is super sexy and super naughty! All your videos are amazing, I love them all

CrazyBella Jul 1 2017

^.^^.^ thanks u RiceCakes:x<3

RJ_123 deleted - Top reviewer Jun 26 2017
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i love it when Bella puts oil over herself, watching her body move as she teases and her glistening body gets me very hard ;)

CrazyBella Jun 26 2017

:)^.^ thanks u so much oiled is one of the things i most like to do it! its Erotic..Hot...Naughty and more:@

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Gorgeous Bella is always so sexy and beautiful but she looks at her most sexy here, glistening in oil and caressing her own body. This is guaranteed to get you off - it has had me hard and cumming on numerous occasions. Awesome!

DuoMaxwellIII - Top reviewer Aug 23
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A masterful vid and very satisfying. Glad i got it in 4K

The Oil can be super erotic if you use it in the correct way...over a naked body....this is a video where you can enjoy a full view of my body fully naked and oiled while i'm seated dressing only a Black Close Heels. While you are looking me seated I encourage you with a Jerk Off Instruction/JOI to cum over my Body so I can mix it with the Oil and make it all more naughty and hot
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