Peeping Tom Little Step Brother


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
6:17 min - Jun 26 - .MP4 - 970.27 MB


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You’ve been gracious enough to be adopted by a married ebony couple and as you grown you're finding yourself spying on your older sister lately, getting dressed trying to catch an opportunity at seeing her naked. Seeing a real naked woman right now is your dream come true being you just hit puberty and have been having those nasty wet dreams. Your little horny ass is obviously impatient and can’t just jerk it off to magazines and porn like a regular perv; no you want to be a little peeping tom and spy on your older sister. You come home from school and go upstairs and hear her music, which is an indication that she has just gotten out the shower. You quickly and quietly rush up the stairs making sure she doesn’t hear you so that you can peep in on her getting dressed, secretly hoping you’re going to catch her naked. Sadly you don’t but the view is just as stimulating looking at her tall 5’8” frame, nice long muscular legs, and athletic build. You’re watching every inch of her body move and as your thoughts keep going about what you would do to her your little pin dick starts to grow. It is only then being lost in your thoughts watching her get dressed and dance to her music that she catches you peeping. She slams the door in your face, even though by this point she is fully dressed and then opens it and tells you “You’re in trouble now.” And grabs you by the neck to drag you to tell mom and dad but you beg and plead for her not too. She looks at the pitiful look on your face and gets this devilish grin on her face and agrees not to, only and only if you agree to be her slave. Welcome to slavery little brother