Fart twerking

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Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
1,412 5.0
6:44 min - Jun 26 - .WMV - 399.96 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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BigBruh702 - Top reviewer Aug 10
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I will never get tired of watching your KILLER booty blast gas at me! These gold shorts were perfect for this video and the twerking had me losing my damn mind! You are ALWAYS sexy and incredible when you do videos like this and best believe that I will be making purchases on this content for as long as you make it!

Savannah is all dressed up to go to the club. She's ready to shake and grind on every hot guy she sees. Problem is she is wearing a belly shirt and her stomach is so big now! She ate so much pasta at dinner and now her belly is so bloated. She feels so full of food and farts. She can't go out looking like this! Her tummy is so bloated it hangs over her shorts! She tries to push on her belly to get some farts out. She groans and pushes and out comes a big fart! She is immediately feels better, now that all that foul air has been pushed out and then she almost regrets farting. The smell is so bad! Pushing it out before it was ready made her fart smell 10x worse then they normally do. She winces and pushes again, this time pushing out a noisy fart that gets stuck between her massive butt cheeks. ugh its even worse then the one before, she almost falls off her chair its so potent! Savannah hopes that she can still go out tonight. How embarrassing would it be if she farted on a guy whiles she's dancing?! She decides she should wiggle and twerk her ass right now to make sure there are no more foul gases hiding up in her ass. Sure enough she farts again! The more Savannah wiggles and jiggles her booty the more farts come out