Self Control Test



British / essex
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Custom Clip no names used The Self-control test. Outfit: Please wear the same outfit as in "Whoring You Out", you look so hot in that clip. Description: As a new potential slave to be trained into serving you, you feel that you should first test my self-control and discipline, and at the same time show me that you are the one in control. A slave will only be permitted to cum when and if he is given permission by you. You are looking amazing in your tight leggings, and you know how weak I get. You especially know how weak I get for your amazing ass in tight leggings. You will use your whole body, and show of your hot ass in leggings, you will tease and deny me, showing of your amazing body. You will allow me to jerk off, following your precise instructions. However, I am not allowed to cum unless you give permission. If I do cum without your permission you will have me locked up in chastity, I will sign a key-holder contract and you will keep the keys. You will of course be in complete control of the clip, and only you can decide the final outcome.. If you want you can easily make me cum without permission and get me locked up for you, and on the other side you just as easily take me to the edge only to deny me and leave me feeling desperate. But what will you decide.. Its up to you