Freebie Tuesday




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Welcome to Average Joe's where we feature everyday guys with amazing models way out of their league. Our favorite naughty stripper Unique Lovely was in town and had a slow night one evening so she came over. We told her we have an Average Joe we think she would like and once our BBC came in she immediately got soaked she said. We had her get on her knees and start sucking our guy as our camera sat on a tripod. She stroked his big black snake slowly then just working the head. His cock became rock hard very quickly as she started to suck on it. You can tell she likes her meat long and dark. We see her struggle to get his cock down her throat and finally has enough and jumps up bends over with her hands on the ground and he proceeds to slide his cock inch by inch deeper and deeper in her. She lets out a loud scream as he then starts pounding on her pussy from behind. Big Daddy Long stroke takes her tight wet vagina and makes it all his by stretching it way out. He pulls his snake out of her and just like a good little stripper she let him cum all over her pretty face