Odette Delacroix's Star 9 First Worship


Star Nine

American / California
6:38 min - Jun 26 - .MP4 - 243.23 MB


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Odette Delacroix and Star Nine are lounging on the couch, Star starts to ask Odette a question, reaching over to stroke her hosed feet she gets distracted by how nice they are and ask Odette if she has ever had them worshiped. Odette doesn't think she has, they've been massaged, but that's about it. Star gets down on her knees to suck and lick Odette's size 5 feet, noting that they're as long as her hands. Odette really enjoys the sensation, especially over her pantyhose. Star wonders if she could have an orgasm like that, she positions Odette over the hitatchi and gives her feet a lot of oral attention, Odette loves it and has an explosive orgasm. Includes foot worship, orgasms The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email star at starbondmedia dot com