Sav teaches Rapture to peg pt1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
9:15 min - Jun 26 - .MP4 - 546.05 MB


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Savannah loves giving the D, especially to cute buttholes. So when her bodybuilder friend Rapture gives her a call and tells her she wants to get into pegging, Savannah tells her to come right over! She can't wait to teach Rapture how to strap! Its going to be so much fun! She has everything Rapture needs! She is going to call over her bottom bitch slave so Rapture can use his asshole for practice! Rapture worries she might not be good at it, but Savannah reassures her not to worry. In fact they are going to video tape the whole thing so Rapture can use it to learn more. They hang up the phone, and Savannah sends a text to her slave, ordering him to be at her house ready to have his ass destroyed. She goes to slip on her dick and comes back to him obediently waiting. He's down on all fours, with his round butt sticking straight up in the air. She gives him a couple spanks, and teases his butthole with her finger. She tells him, that she has a surprise for him, today he's going to get 2 dicks! She slides a finger in to test his looseness. Her finger slides right in so she puts 2 in! That little ass whore. Has he been cheating on her with other dicks. Well don't worry bottom bitch, today your asshole and mouth are going to be stuffed full of cock! Rapture comes in, and Savannah presents her present to her. Laughing Rapture is amazed at how well behaved Savannah's slave is! Just waiting to be ass fucked! Savannah invites Rapture to give him a couple of spanks. She can't wait to teach her how to make men her slaves to her strap-on! She shows Rapture the harness and dildo that she laid out for her. Savannah instructs her how to put it on and presto dick-o! Like magic Rapture has a rock hard cock! Rapture loves how powerful it makes her feel! Savannah lubes up their dicks and tells Rapture they are ready for action! Sav demonstrates how to spread their ass wide open so you can see all of their asshole. Normally she'd have to go slow and warm his butthole up, but its so loose right now she puts her cock straight in! She gives it some little pumps so Rapture can see, and then pulls back to show Rapture his butthole start to gape. That's when you know they are a real ass whore, she tells Rapture. When the butthole starts to gape, now your ready for hard fucking! Savannah mounts him in doggy so Rapture can have a good view of her bouncing booty and hard cock sliding in and out of him. They laugh as he takes the whole length of her cock. Rapture loves it and can't believe she's waited so long to try this! Savannah gives him some more thrusts before pulling out to show Rapture his gape. Now your turn Rapture! She grabs the camera from Rapture and coaxes her into position. Rapture is a natural! Shes goes to town, grabbing his hips and thrusting. Savannah cheers her on as she gets really into! She loves being on top and in control. Her big rippling muscles flex and contract as she works her dick up and down. Cont. in pt.2