Farting Vice Grip



American / Atlanta, GA
10:25 min - Jun 27 - .MP4 - 616.35 MB


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I know how much you love seeing my delicious bubble butt in grey tights. I also know what you love more. My big ass farting in your face without mercy. I taunt and tease you with my words and my fit body while farting up a storm. There is no end in sight and you WILL take them all. You see these size 8 feet? They are going to hold your head in place while I mount your face and continue my fart rampage. I bet you would love it if I kept you hostage as my shrunken slave inside my ass wouldn't you? Let me show you what would happen to you. Go ahead. Stroke it. Let me see how big I can make that cock of yours. Ohh I can see the veins throbbing. Let's see if we can make it pop! Come on. Stroke it while I soak your face in my fart juices. Cum all over my legging clad ass