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British / The clouds
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hg_lover Sep 11 2017

good lord you are perfect for breeding

small1sh Jul 11 2017

So hot seeing you fucked so hard!

BigSmoke Jul 1 2017

Hot as fuck

Markunator Jul 29 2017
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A spectacularly hot video! Man, what this this dude do in a previous life to deserve a hot little nympho like you as a tenant?!

Watching the two of you naked in bed together, watching him fuck you from behind until you cum hard on his erect cock, hearing you talk dirty to him, and watching him blow his load inside your warm, wet, pink flower...that has made me ejaculate several times ever since I downloaded this video. You are SO hot, Pamela! :)

Hey, next time, though; maybe you can try some different positions - like, with you on top? And maybe he can wear a balaclava that doesn't cover his mouth, so you can kiss each other passionately. THAT would be a sight to behold! :D

Automicblonde Aug 4 2017

Thank you for such lovely words 😘😘 il take note of what you said and assure you il be kissing his lips and riding that cock like a crazy girl x

just when i thought i could just about handle giving blowjobs, i get my pussy fucked so rough i don't care who sees my oragasm face ! hOpe you enjoy :-) - for my snapchat go to my store and other info please do ask XXX
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British / The clouds
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