3 Girls Cum On a Couch

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So. F'ing. Hot. Watching one girl cum is hot enough. Watching Lolli? Mind blowing. And 2 more hot girls? Erm, excuse me I have something I need to go take care of...

I find Ashley and Georgia already getting started touching themselves, but I come bearing toys! I've brought a glass dildo for each of them, and these two hot redheads spread their legs and let me fuck them while I kneel down, one dildo in each hand, my big round ass in the cam for you. Then I decide this is too much fun not to let me get in on the action so I climb up on the couch and start using a big Hitachi vibrator on my clit! All three of us ride our way to intense orgasm after orgasm. Cumming with friends is way more fun than cumming alone! (this is what all girls do at sleepovers, right