Hot, Sweaty, Smelly Feet & Gym Socks


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
6:41 min - Jun 27 - .MP4 - 492.16 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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You’ve complimented me on my feet so many times and often offered to take off my shoes for me after I come home from the gym or a long day out. It finally occurred to me you’re a foot pervert. SMH, I knew there was something weird about all those compliments and advances hinted at my feet. LOL, well you’ve really gone and messed up now because now I know my feet are your kryptonite. You think about them all day. You long to touch, smell, and taste them; to have them in your face and have your naked body walked over with them. To top it off, you’re always over coming over trying to get your free peeks and sniffs of my feet and shoes. Knowing this, I’m just going to be the bitch I am to get what I want and tease you to no end until I get it. You’re going to listen to your trigger words come out of my mouth, “Hot”,” Sweaty” and “Smelly” and be sent into such a frenzy by the time you see my take off and sniff my own shoes and socks…and then let you finally smell, that you pass out from the euphoria you felt as I take your wallet and credit cards and go shopping while your left on my living room floor in a foot trance. Oh did I mention, I tied you up so when you come too when might as well get comfortable because you’re not going anywhere; don’t worry I left my socks and shoes nearby. Now you’re my foot zombie slave, lol I had a feeling you were a foot bitch