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Time for renewing my lingerie drawer! I always buy new thongs and panties from time to time, when my old ones are ruined or lost their original colours. I also love wearing lingerie for the first time. I sold many of my old smelly thongs to some of my fetish customers and my drawer was almost empty, so it was about time to buy my new lingerie season. I love thongs, they are comfy, sexy and discreet, I chose some in different colours and styles. I also wanted some brazilian panties, you know, those that cover my butt a bit, but not as much as a panty does. I bought four of them, sheer ones, lace ones... And finally, I added some culotte panties for my red days to wear my panty-liners more comfortably. I bought them on internet and today I received my package! I am willing to unwrap them and try them. Will you come with me to this intimate fashion show? Watch me take them off their bag and try them for the very very first time in the mirror of my bedroom, front and rear, pussy and butt, my tits under my thin night shirt... even don´t miss some innocent camel toes! Enjoy me with George Michael in the background. I will dance and wiggle my body so as you can check how right the fit me! They still have their hanging label from the shop! Which one will you like the most? YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you will be the first man to see my new thongs on me. HIGHLIGHTED: you can´t choose which thong is your favourite! INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW