Sister's Surprise for Brother Episode 1

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American / Outer Rim
1,168 5.0
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DrBrule04 - Top reviewer Sep 11
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This video is cool. Like Magnus Walker, Jimi Hendrix, Ryan Gosling in Drive type cool. The filter, the black guitar in the back, there's a really cool vibe here. It's really really sexy too. How your tiny, tight vagina devoured that thick dildo and the cum pushing back out at the end of the video... pushing back out because you're so tight that there was no where else for it to go... that is so hot. You got me hooked, I'm a customer for life.

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You have a wonderful choice of words here in this video. I also really love the looks you give to the camera, really setting in the mood. I enjoyed the really sloppy BJ, and you riding was a great sight. THE ENDING OMG!!!! What a wonderful ending. Great video Rhea, keep up the good work babe.

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I knew I'd love this video... I just didn't know how much, I would! It is absolutely perfect!! The taboo theme, your insistence to finally get brother's cock, your script, and, of course, yourself! It had a wonderful progression from start to finish, and never lost me for a second! I seriously didn't even want to blink ;3. I just wish I could have rated it higher than 5 stars... because, you deserve a 10 out of 5!

I wanted to show my brother that I can suck him off better than his girlfriend. He always stops me so I had to get creative