Teacher & Foot Sole Lover **Custom Clip


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
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WITHOUT NAME** You’re my English College Professor and I am being held after class for being a bad boy. NOT only was I highly disruptive and disrespectful during class, but I also exhibited some inappropriate behavior that you’re going to take the time and address. You’ve noticed I’ve been staring at your feet during class. I didn’t you think you’d notice, I’m such a silly boy. You’re a phenomenal teacher and I thought you’re have to multitask with a class full of other students, I’d get away with it but you noticed the way I looked at them, the way my breath quickens, I get flustered and then space out every time I am in class and don’t let you wear open toed heels like today or I really lose your mind. It’s just something about that toe cleavage I guess. You’re going to make me watch as you scold and tease me mercilessly about my infatuation with your feet and what all you want you to do to and for them; as you tease me with your cotton candy pink toes one of my favorite colors on you and your lovely irresistible soles. It’s only if I follow your every command and obey everything that you say, that only then will I have a chance at not having to repeat this English course but until then I am your little foot bitch, giving into your every desire