The SEX Files: Making Scully Believe

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16,079 5.0
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StolenSorceress deleted Jul 27 2017

An amazing representation of what this site can become. Also, fucking hot.

WreckitRough Jul 20 2017

What a truly wicked idea. This video alone made me join manyvids!

dirtttbag - Top reviewer Jun 28 2017
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Since i'm a sucker for the Princessess' tongue this one totally delivers!
These two girls together are the perfect match and and a very example of what kinkiness is all about.
While Puck fucks the Princess with all Alien-Dicks available she moans and sticks her tongue out a lot and of course...she like's it.
Maybe this is the one where somewhere in space an alien life form jerks off so hard to this that it opens a portal to another porn-galaxy and they all come down to circle jerk the knows...
When it comes to where i should spend my last 25 bucks on...THIS ONE'S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!
She believes - and i do 2!

princessberpl Jun 28 2017

I'm so happy my lovely intern and I could help you believe in aliens too!

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Jun 28 2017
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Princess Berpl makes a hot and sexy Agent Scully. I loved watching Little Puck use one alien toy after another deeply into Agent Scully's delicious pussy. Three in total ending with the huge egg laying one. I can't help but almost explode watching them pop out of Berpls delicious pussy.

If you love Alien toy play in a tasty excited pussy you have to get this video.

princessberpl Jun 28 2017

Thank you for the lovely review!! You know I always look forward to them :)

princessberpl Jun 29 2017

Haven't you always though??? :P

Atriex - Top reviewer Oct 15 2017
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No spoilers, but someone might end up believing.

Hy_Spy Jul 1 2017
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So good seeing both these lovely woman together. The vid is perfect with cum and goo everywhere. Top notch

princessberpl Jul 4 2017

Thank you so much Hy_Spy!!! It's nice finding someone who loves to watch me get messy ^_^!

jonnyp90 Jun 28 2017
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When Puck 1st told me she was visiting Berpl, I mentioned a perveted X-Files vid was in there future. After all Berpl is the Punk Rock Agent Scully!!! Of course they both knock it out of the fucking park and then some. What a team!!!! Looking forward to whatever future vids you haven't released yet. LUV to Both Gals, JP

princessberpl Jun 29 2017

Awesome! Thank you!

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I didn't even know this was a fantasy i needed fulfilled. PB's level of ecstasy is intoxicating. Very well done.

Agent Scully is a scientist: she will only trust HARD evidence when it comes to the existence of aliens. So Scully's lovely intern decides to show her the truth. After covering Scully in alien goo, Puck quickly transforms her boss into a horny alien slut! Now it's time to show Scully that not only are aliens out there, but they're also deep inside her tight pussy. Giant tentacle monsters use Scully's hole as an incubator, making her ooze with cum and fertilized alien eggs