This Ass is your God


Goddess Ashanti

American / Texas
6:34 min - Jun 28 - .MP4 - 1.06 GB


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We’ve worked together for a couple of months now and no doubt you’re interested. I’ve seen noticed the way you look at me but more importantly how you secretly salivate over my ass. I’ve seen how you thought you were being slick and snapped a couple pics of the bootyliciousness you’re so infatuated with. I know for a fact that you touch yourself while scrolling through the galore of apple bottom ass pics in your phone that you’ve obtained without consent; my consent. There is a penalty for such an offense. What’s the punishment you ask? I persuade you to come over letting you believe that I needed help moving my living room around. I catch you looking at my ass again you start blushing. Now, is the perfect time to make you even weaker for me and lure you in my doing a sexy seductive reprogramming of your mind; little do you know it, but afterwards there will be something compelling you to start giving your paychecks to me. In addition your obsession for my ass will grow even more and thus you’ll eventually become enslaved to my ass, giving me everything I desire and more. This Ass is your God now, so bow down bitch