Red White And Boobs


Sydney Screams

American / Las Vegas
6:50 min - Jul 04 - .MP4 - 172.35 MB


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Don't you just love Independence Day? In this video I show you that I'm your American Goddess, dressed in a patriotic bikini with perfect, glossy red lipstick on as I sensually and messily eat two popsicles for you. I tease you, putting them as far into my mouth as I can, showing you what I'd love to do with your cock... then I slowly slide my top to the side and play with my huge tits, rubbing the cold popsicle against my nipples and belly, squealing in delight. I make a huge mess letting it drip all over me, exploring my body and letting you watch. keywords: tease, popsicles, fourth of july, independence day, wet and messy, food, eating, ice, ice play, belly button fetish, huge tits, belly worship, bbw, holiday, american, goddess worship