Be Mommy's Dirty Boy and Get Rewarded

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Maggie Green

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jayhawk890 Jul 14 2017
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Another great video. Truly one of the best dirty talkers out there.

Maggie Green Jul 15 2017

Aww thanks! I'm blushing over here!

Mommy got a sexy new red dress and I just had to show it off to you! I thought I deserved a little treat for all of the hard work I've been putting in at the gym. So how do I look, baby? Is Mommy hot? Let me turn around so you can see the back too. Hmmmm what do I see there? Stiffness growing inside those pants? Why you dirty boy, you're hard for your own mother! Haha! Well, let me show you this tight ass? I know you're dying to see my huge tits but no, my dirty boy has to wait until Mommy says so for that. Take that cock out and stroke it for me, look how naughty you are! I admit, it's getting me wet to see my nasty boy like this. You're Mommy's dirty little bitch! Come put that nasty cock in my wet cunt and give Mommy what she needs. I want to feel all of that dirty cum flow inside me. No no no, you can't have the tits yet...only when you're about to make me cum will I allow you to lick and suck them. So you better fuck me good, dirty boy! When you cum, it's all going inside of me and I'm going to keep it in my womb all day long. Just to be reminded of how naughty my boy is! TABOO, MILF, BIG TITS, MOMMAS BOY, DILDO SEX, VIRTUAL CREAM PIE, DIRTY TALK, OLDER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, STERN MOTHER, SEXY DRESS, MOTHER/SON FANTASY, PORN STAR, HORNY MOTHER