StepMom Blackmails to Get Your Young BBC


Maggie Green

American / USA
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We need to have a talk, stepson. So were you out with your girlfriend again, it's pretty late you know. And where did the two of you go, dinner and movie? Ah well, I know you're lying so cut the . You weren't with your girlfriend tonight. You were with my best friend, I know all about the affair that the two of you have been having! No use in trying to lie, I have proof. She got tipsy and spilled the beans and showed me all of the naughty pics and texts from you on her phone. How could you be so stupid? Don't you know her husband is an ex Marine, if he finds out you can't imagine the pain that will follow. Not to mention how upset your father would be, his own son banging his wife's best friend! He'll make your life miserable too. So this is what is going to happen give me exactly what I want and I'll pretend this never happened. I won't say a word to anybody. How does that sound? You don't really have a choice, now do you? This is what I want...some of the young black dick! I've heard how good it is and I want to experience it for myself, I'm bored with your father in the bedroom anyway. So you're going to fuck me and this will be our little secret. You're not convinced? I'll go one step further...if you don't fuck me, I'll tell everyone about the affair AND that you have a pathetic tiny cock. No woman in a 40 mile radius will touch you after I'm through spreading rumors. So I'm going to lay back and you're going to pound my pussy with that BBC and make me have the orgasm of my life! Drop those pants and get to work! TABOO, STEP MOM/STEP SON ROLE PLAY, INTERRACIAL, FANTASY, MILF, COUGAR, BLACKMAIL FANTASY, BIG TITS, BIG DILDO, CONFRONTATION, OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN