Alpha Bitch



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Look, I get it, you have a wife or a girlfriend or whatever and you love her and you'd do anything for her. I don't like sharing attention with someone and having them come and go as they please. I am the Alpha Bitch, so I am not one for sharing the attention. I don't like being cast aside because your girl wants to go out and have fun and now you can't fulfill my requests. I will not go on the back burner for some woman that thinks she loves you. You shouldn't be able to go out and do whatever you think you can. You should be asking me if you can go out. You should be asking me if you can give me money and gifts, not ignore me because you've got a girlfriend or friends. I am THE woman that know how to make you feel and she might fuck you sometimes but I am the one that knows how to really fuck you and that's what you want