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Welcome to Average Joe's where we feature everyday guys with amazing models way out of their league. Today we have the amazingly sexy, tan and fit Alexis Rain. This muscular beauty is here to give our everyday Joe a nice blow job. Our Joe in this video today is a well fit guy you would see in your local supermarket, most likely in the vitamins or butcher section of course LOL. We see Alexis laying in between this lucky SOB's legs slowly sucking on his limp cock. Alexis isn't shy at all and her perfect breasts are out for our enjoyment and she is even wearing sexy black stockings as she pleasures this guy. She goes slow up and down his shaft making his thick cock swell up in her hand and mouth. Alexis really is fit and you can see her muscles as she jerks Joe's cock. Her forearms and biceps are as rock hard as our Avg Joe. She continues to work his cock you can tell she wants all that creamy yummy white cum out of his cock. Alexis goes from slow to fast as she sucks the entire cock down her throat. Our Joe can't handle this ride it seems and he pops all over. She teases his cock as he shakes and shivers from his orgasm