Family Meal For One

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678 5.0
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Datguy98 Mar 27
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Honestly a perfectly amazing video! :D

greenhouse79 Jul 12 2017
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watching BG eat for four is nice, but the best bit of this video is the end where she shows off her amazing physique. BG is looking more enormous and beautiful than ever.

I saw a deal at BK for a "Family Meal" and took it as a personal challenge. I eat the entire meal meant for four people, all the while becoming more and more absorbed in how delicious it is, this is one of my favorite fast food places! I moan and jiggle, topless the entire video. Once I am done, I get on all fours, belly dragging on the bed. I clap my ass for you, you can see my belly hang from behind! My gut is sooo round and bloated, the two and a half sodas made me look the roundest I have in a while! I am just so full that it hurts, I take my bra off and just lay in bed like a fat oaf, rubbing my tummy
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