Savannah teachs Rapture to peg pt2 MP4


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:27 min - Jun 28 - .MP4 - 436.95 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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In this part 2 update, Rapture confessed to Savannah how she wants to learn how to use a dick. Shes ready to become the ultimate alpha female and give fuck boys her cock. Savannah offers to show Rapture the ropes and even invited her bottom bitch over here to be their little fuck toy. Just like Savannah thought Rapture is a natural. She fucks Savannah's slave real hard, using her big powerful muscles to work her rock hard cock. Shes having so much fun! She loves how powerful she feels with her cock destroying his asshole. As his moans start to get to loud Savannah sits on his face. The girls laugh at his helplessness. Savannah tells Rapture to hold the camera, she wants to show her how she really gives it to him. The girls switch places as Rapture sits on his face to muffle his loud screams. He screams just like a little bitch! Savannah slides her cock into his ass and starts to pump furiously. She humps him like a bunny, throwing her head back and laughing like a little brat. She's going so fast it makes her tits and thighs jiggle so much! She wants him airtight! Rapture s mothers him while Savannah throws his legs over her shoulders and bear hugs him tight into her cock. There is no escaping as she pumps him up and down with her cock deep inside him the whole time! Now time to seal this bitch ass up! Rapture drives her cock down his throat as Savannah fills his ass up with dick. Rapture makes him gag and drool as she's hot with power. Making him to gag over and over. Savannah gives Rapture one more turn at reaming his ass. She uses her big arms and strong core to fuck the out of him. She bounces up and down on him. Her big tits flex and bounce up and down as Savannah orders him to beg for cum in his ass! He's such a cum dumpster, who knows how many people have cum in his ass?! The girls laugh at him and make him beg for Raptures cum! Savannah gives Rapture a cum count down as she fills him up with her cum. Now its Savannah's turn. She wants to add her hot load to his nasty slut ass. She fucks him missionary, leaning over to put her entire cock in