You Owe Me Sis

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Oh hey, I didn't even realize you were sitting out here.. What are you up to? Nothing, I'm just chillin today, I'm pretty lazy right now.. Well I have a question for you.. You still talking to that guy you hung out with last night? What?! How do you even know about that bro! Come on don't play stupid with me... I won't tell mom or dad, but you left me with them and I had to cover for your ass! It's vacation, we're supposed to have fun! Did you fuck him? Ew what are you talking about! You're my brother I'm not going to talk about this with you.. Sis you just met him! What are you doing! Stop judging me! I was just enjoying myself... You must be jealous or something. I am! But you owe me for lying to mom and dad for you! Fine I owe you! ... Sis I'm sooo bored! Let's hangout Haha I bet, mom and dad actually left the house for once... So I still owe you, what do you want? Why don't you help me get laid... It's only fair since you got some the other night! Are you joking right now!? Lol no I'm not, you said you would help me out since I was so nice and helped you... Come on, just show me a nipple or something. I really want to say no, like is this really what you want? Isn't this a little weird? Maybe, but who cares. I'm really horny right now! Besides... no one else has to know. You are such a pervert.... But I guess I do owe you! On this relaxing family vacation, I catch my sister sneaking off with some guy she just met. When I tell her she owes me one for lying to our parents, she thinks I'm joking around. But this time I'm not, and I was pretty jealous that my younger sister is getting more action than I am. It took some convincing, but I finally get her to take off her skimpy clothes for me. I'm sure if mom and dad knew how much of a little whore their princess was being, they'd cut her off so quick! The only way I'll keep her secret is if she fucks me before our parents get home