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Arwen Datnoid

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13:11 min - Nov 15 - .MP4 - 1.07 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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vledonn deleted Jul 4 2017


MT_Shell - Top reviewer Jun 29 2017
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More of the awesome audio quality from the last vid, really loving the silhouette tease at the begining, liked the way the cuts were timed with the music here, also excellent use of lighting, really gives the vid unique look and feel.

ChefRob33 - Top reviewer Jun 29 2017
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Elf Arwen is back again, this video is sheer awesome. Great lighting and and just a few minutes in you get a great sample of the sound quality as elf arwen let's lose the first of many sighs and moans. This video is amazing, complete with a bad dragon toy, and one awesome strip tease. This video is a pure master piece or talent both for content and for editing.

Doctor Insano - Top reviewer Jun 29 2017
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WOW!!! I was blown away with this vid Arwen does it again making a beautiful vid like this! I must say the light is phenomenal and love the silhouette effect it adds so much to this video it elevates it to the status of a waking dream seeing a wild elf perched on your window sill and her putting on a show for you.I love the editing and I really enjoyed the music she picked as it came through crystal clear and add to the expedience.This vid shows the kind of new level that Arwen is on now!!! I love sexy lingerie she has on. She so sexy in it and the color goes great with her skin tone! She cums so hard on the Pretzel swamp wyrm. It is very hot! So I highly recommend giving this a buy. This is truly some of Awren best work to date!! I'm so glad I bought this it is worth every penny!!

Onyx Wolf
Onyx Wolf deleted - Top reviewer Jan 27
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Wow, everything about this video is perfect! This 13 minute long vid is a solo video featuring: role play, dildo play, and strip teasing. The vid kicks off with Arwen dancing & teasing the lucky viewer in a sexy lingerie outfit while rock music plays in the background. She blesses the viewer with a striptease and the action transitions to her playing with a Bad Dragon dildo on a perfectly lit windowsill. The camera transitions to a nice HD & upclose shot of her as she teases the head of the toy, and slides slowly up and down the length of it. She continues to work the length of the toy in and out at a steady pace and the vid ends with her climaxing as the music fades to an end. I love the artsy-like vibe of this video. The lighting is soft and subtle. Her energy & enthusiasm are great, and I love her outfit & camer angles as well. This one is a 5/5 stars

ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Jul 10 2017
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9 out 10, which i only say because the silhouette thing was just not my thing, but im sure it will be cool for other guys. Doesn't distract from the main attraction that happens after her strip tease *wink *Wink mm-hmm, perfect. Thanks for Posting this vid Arwen :)

Arwen sexually moves to the music and strips out of her corset and panties and is reunited with Pretzel the swamp wyrm. She sucks his cock and makes it all wet before she rides it until she cums. Close ups at the end riding the giant toy