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Adopted Daughter Will Fuck You Over



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Oh, DADDY. Hey. You know, I really appreciate the whole adopting thing. Of course, you aren't the first, and I somehow doubt you would be the last, if it weren't for my brilliant plan. Oh, DADDY, I do think you're a nice man, but... I need some assurance that I have nothing to worry about for the rest of my life. Considering you hooked me up with this cheesy, but fancy, room and clothes, it would seem you have quite a bit of money, DADDY DEAREST. You wouldn't want me to tell them the things you do to me... you know, those terrible things. I beg you not to do them. Of course they aren't true, but the police are going to believe me. I'm a great actress, Daddy. You wouldn't stand a chance. It's a better plan to just give me money and keep me happy. Otherwise, you're in for a world of trouble