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Resolving Mom's Debt


Bettie Bondage

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Your father passed away...and you should feel bad, but he was a real asshole. Your family is better off without him, and you think your mom is relieved to not have to deal with him anymore but when you find her in bed crying, you wonder if maybe there was more love there than you ever saw. "No," she tells you through tears, "it's not that he's gone...he left us in terrible debt with some dangerous men...and I don't have that kind of money! He ruined our credit so I can't take out a loan or even a new credit card...and now the bookie is telling me I can pay it making a move. With you. A dirty one. Can you believe that?!?" Maybe it's the highly emotional situation you're in but your cock swells at the mention of it. You try not to sound too eager - the man is , and he was your father...but fucking his widow, your own mother...well, you're practically dripping down your thigh you're so excited at the idea. And videotaping it? Icing on the cake. You act disturbed, watching your poor mother struggle through telling you, before you tell her you'd be willing to do it. To save the family. You'll do it, for her. She objects at first but as you lay it out for her: you'll move away, free of debt. She can use you to apply for a loan, you'll help raise your little sister. You can see the wheels turning in her mind as you spin a tale of hope, all with the intent to get your cock wet inside your mother's holes. By the time you're done laying it all out, she's smiling and happy, ready to do this - for the family! Wow. There's an outline the creep gave her, and you're happy to see it has your mother spreading for you and talking dirty before riding your cock doggy style, dirty talking about fucking her son the whole time. Maybe it's the fear of this dangerous man coming after her if she doesn't do it right, but she seems really into. Really into it. She keeps stealing glances at you over the camera, and you can see a certain glint in her eye that makes you think maybe she's enjoying this. When she cums on your cock, you're all but convinced your mother is loving riding her son's cock. The instructions are to finish across her face and tits, and you are proud when you hold out, only cumming when your gorgeous mother strokes you while begging for your cum