Weigh In time


Penny Lee

British / Brighton
4:39 min - Jun 29 - .MP4 - 499.90 MB


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Its been a while since Penny Lee has weighed herself. She had such a huge response from her previous weigh In video its time to make another. This time Penny Lee has two different scales to weigh herself on so she can make sure she gets a accurate result. One of the scales in a digital reading and the other is a spinner. Penny Lee strips off so she is completely naked and steps onto the scales. She has been eating so much junk food recently and not been going to the gym. She realises she has lost a lot of muscle so isn't sure what to expect on the scales as even though she looks a lot rounder and fatter, she knows muscle weighs more than fat. So how fat has Penny got? Surely two scales cannot lie about this growing blonde, british babe