Ivy Sherwood 6

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The sight of Eric John’s cock in Ivy Sherwood’s mouth is so fucking hot. I think part of the reason is because you can see how much she loves performing, loves pleasing a man. She looks up at Eric giving him her cute little smile still jerking his dick. She strips naked, that ebony body is so tight and fuckable. Which is exactly what Eric does, lying her back and boning her pretty pussy. If you’re a fan of Ivy then you know her ass is a thing of legend, there should be folk songs about it’s glory. When Eric is fucking her in missionary he moves her legs to the side and it’s such a booty tease, you can see her hip and the curve to her backside but you can’t see it all until finally doggystyle! Her ass is popping, her back is arched and Eric plows that tight pussy sending shockwaves thought her booty. Then to blow your fucking mind she does the splits while riding his cock, her butt tightens and looks like perfection. She also has one of the biggest orgasms ever before he cums all over her tits