Fuck Taboo' ! She can't resist Daddy

731 5.0


731 5.0
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FFeZine Jul 8

Well thank you very much indeed;)

Beautiful younger girl in tight pink pants hard fucked by older 'Daddy Dom' TABOO 'Daddy Role Play', red hot fantasy sex. How could I resist, I mean I'm only human right, and there she is all over the place, do I look nice in this 'Daddy Dom', are this too tight on my bottom 'Daddy'. Fuck it my cocks hurting me I'm gonna give it to her deep and hard and film it for later viewing pleasure, I just want to sink it in deep, I know what, I'll do some 'Cock Cam' style, film it sinking into her tight little hole, that'll look good when I'm smelling her younger sweet pussy on my cock as I wank looking at it later. Damn I'm feeling dirty I want to do everything to her, and make sure she cums too, can't have any regrets lingering, after all she's of age now and its not like she's my flesh or anything despite what everyone thinks