Facesitting Session Gone Wrong



American / Fetish Land
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You've asked Ivy over and over for a facesitting session, and she is DONE. You have been far too irritating for her, and she's not going to just let you get away with it. You will be getting that session that you wanted, but it will not be the one you had planned. Squishing down on your face extra hard and grinding her clothed ass down on you, Ivy laughs and tells you that you deserve this for being annoying. There's no holding back either, as she lets loads of silent and very horrible farts out in her tight yoga pants. This smells TERRIBLE! The whole thing knocks you out eventually, and when you wake up, you're INSIDE Ivy's belly! It's horrible in there - a real "gas chamber", she laughs. If you sit very still though and just deal with the smell, she may just let you out. However, the mixture of her moaning and hearing the wetness of her pussy as she fingers herself makes it very difficult to sit still