ASMR eating popping candy, mouth sounds



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Are you ready? This is a delightful trip to the mysteries of my deep mouth. Don´t forget to put your headphones on! Let my wet cave swallow your senses; what you are about to witness and feel is a extremely tingling shiver in your ears, your eyes, your brain and surely your pants. I have a special surprise for you today: my Peta Zetas popping candy, a refreshing cracking sweet strawberry flavoured which will explode inside my mouth, on my tongue, among my white teeth! Enjoy this amazing close-up angle of my mouth and tongue licking my finger, covered by this funny popping candy. You will be able to hear its delicate sounds, like if it was some alive gravel, thanks to my high sensitive micro. Listen, when I taste and chew them they resound in my dark cavity again and again with a sparkling effect. Wow... the fizzy sound melts your ears. I can´t stop licking the candy, now I do it straight from the packaging, I am salivating now, you can see some of my salive get out of my lips. You probably are about to drool too. See the small yellow stones seethe and beat among my teeth, I open my mouth wide and you are almost there, inside me, receiving this curious phenomenon. The taste is of the sweet is good but the cracking effects are really great. The popping candy is fucking crazy, you are mesmerized by this weird mouth show. My mouth is watering... it is so juicy, so appealing, my tongue wiggles and sticks out like a anxious snake. You want more of this, you wish a bubbly kiss from your Angie... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you miss those candies when you were a little boy. e your imagination starts flying, how would your favourite practises be with this popping candy? INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW