Freebie Tuesday

Impress Me



American / Fetish Land
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You want me pretty bad. I know you do. I bet I could make your dick hard real quick, too. It wouldn't take much time. I could probably just show you how wet I am, and that would be it for you. You'd be done. Spurt. All over your shorts. I only want one thing - your wallet. Of course, without you there would be no wallet. Well, without a wallet... you wouldn't be nearly as appealing. That's okay. It doesn't take very long to get your dick hard, does it? You do want me, right? You want to fuck me. You want to do all kinds of things to me. In order for that to happen, I'm gonna need some incentive. You know what I mean. You don't expect me to just give it up - not without proper motivation. Time to impress me. Don't low ball me either - that won't do you any good