Caught by Head Mistress Starlight


Johnny X Starlight

American / Nevada
17:21 min - Jul 03 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB


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Bad girls Barbary Rose and Lux Lives cut class to smoke some contraband and do a little sexual experimentation. But just as they get started, they're caught by the Head Mistress! She smacks their asses red with a crop and a ruler, but still the girls refuse to learn their lesson. When Head Mistress Starlight threatens to tell the Head Master about their behavior, the girls beg and plead, saying they'll do anything to keep this quiet. So, Mistress Starlight sets these stoner sluts to a new task- licking her pussy. She orders the girls to spank each other and hold their hair back as they satisfy her over and over. School slut Barbary even seems to take pleasure in watching her friend Lux be punished and playing with her pussy as she makes Head Mistress Starlight cum with her tongue! Lux Lives: @luxliv3s Barbary Rose: XOBarbary