Fetish Friday

Busted And Fucked

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I saw this cheeky little hottie steal money from a store and followed her outside where I confronted her.  She denied it all but after I pushed her against a wall and frisked her I found cash in her bra. Naturally I had a bit of a feel while I was there. Nice perky tits BTW. When I started to cuff her  she realised I was not going overlook this just cos just she had teeth and tits. She should go to Plan B and made an offer I could not refuse. And I did not. Would you? After all, I had the cash back, and she dropped to her knees on the footpath and took out my big, thick, rock hard cock then opened her mouth wide. God, she was good at sucking cock.  Then I fucked her hard up against the wall and finished with  a facial. She smiled and licked up my cum before I let her on her way. Maybe she will push her luck again one day. I will be there waiting