Brats Blackmail Fantasy Blow & Tug

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Raquel and Sasha are hanging out, battering back and forth as each girl taps away on their smart phone. While scrolling through Tinder on a fake profile she uses to prowl on men, Raquel nearly drops her phone when she realizes she’s matched with, you! You’re one of their best friend boyfriends, what are you doing on tinder anyway? Showing Sasha the evidence, the two decide to use this information to their benefit, deciding to send you a luring message through the fake profile; you having not the slightest clue you’re about to be caught red handed as they trick you into agreeing to meet them at Sasha’s to “hook up”! When you arrive, the house doesn’t look familiar in the least, but when you enter and see your girlfriend’s best friends in front of you, it feels as though your stomach hits the floor. The two can’t help but laugh as you try to explain yourself, before informing you that they’ve got you now wrapped around their finger. You don’t want your girlfriend to find out that you’re seeking something more, do you? Then you’ll have to do exactly what Sasha and Raquel say. Did you know they always thought you were hot, always trying to get you tangled in a predicament like this? Well now you are, and Sasha & Raquel literally have you by the balls and cock as the drain every drop of cum from your full balls with lips and fingers. However, it doesn’t mean this is going to end in you getting off the hook